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I have been sending out postcards for the last few years, from interesting places.

This is a quick summary of my tour of the world...

     POSTCARD 45:   "Down Under"

Making home in Australia.

     POSTCARD 44:   "Leaving London"

Probably my last stay in the UK...

     POSTCARD New Year 2007:   "Andrew & Jaye"

Getting down on one knee...

     POSTCARD 43:   "Cape Town"

41,358km from London!! The end of a dream trip.

     POSTCARD 42:   "Elephant"

On Safari in Botswana.

     POSTCARD 41:   "Farangi Hysteria"

Overwhelmed in Ethiopia. A visit to change pre-conceived ideas!

     POSTCARD 40:   "Crossing the Desert"

The rough road from Egypt into Sudan.

     POSTCARD 39:   "The Continent of Africa"

Arriving in Cairo, our first stop in North Africa.

     POSTCARD 38:   "Hello again - Middle East"

2nd time in Istanbul as a tourist.

     POSTCARD 37:   "The Adventure Begins"

Leaving London on a cold March day with Priscilla, bound for Cape Town, South Africa

     POSTCARD 36:   "Introducing Africa"

Andy & Landy:- me and my as-yet unnamed Landrover.

     POSTCARD 35:   "Countryside"

Back on the green island.

     POSTCARD 34:   "The biggest party in the world"

Carnival in Rio 2006!!!!

     POSTCARD 33:   "The quickest way down a volcano"

Time off to snowboard in Chile...

     POSTCARD 32:   "The middle of Nowhere"

Stuck on the remote Bolivian altiplano at 4800m...

     POSTCARD 31:   "Downhill Madness"

The world's most dangerous road (by bicycle)!

     POSTCARD 30:   "Trek of the Condor"

No truck to be seen during a break in Ecuador

     POSTCARD 29:   "Carnival Madness"

Carnival in Rio de Janiero, Brasil is an overwhelming experience!!!

     POSTCARD XMAS 2004:   "Merry Xmas 2004!!"

Xmas 2004 in Chile!

       POSTCARD 28:   "Bright White"

On the 20,000 sq km Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia.

     POSTCARD 27:   "Sacred Valley"

The end of 4 days trekking in Peru

     POSTCARD 26:   "Life under the truck"

Hard at work in Quito

     POSTCARD 25:   "Volcano"

6089m up on an extinct volcano in Peru!!

     POSTCARD 24:  "Back at Work"

Driving an expedition truck around South America

     POSTCARD 23:   South of the Equator

First stop in Latin America: Buenos Aires!

     POSTCARD NEW YEAR:   "Just in time"

Looking ahead to 2004 from THE Wall

     POSTCARD XMAS 2003:  "Merry Christmas"

Winter at the Forbidden City in Beijing

     POSTCARD 22:   "China/Tibet border"

Not quite cut out to be a shepherd

     POSTCARD 21:   "Gone fishing ..."

South West China - It's an eat dog world!

     POSTCARD 20:   "Reality Check"

A litte family life in Hong Kong

     POSTCARD 19:   "Pagoda"

China - nothing like you'd expect.

     POSTCARD 18:   "Lights, Camera, Paki-action"

Cricket on the Sub-Continent

     POSTCARD 17:   "Ancient Persia"

The curse of Westernisation!

     POSTCARD 16:   "Northern Afghanistan"

A trip through Northern Afganistan.

     POSTCARD 15:   "Afghani Sun"

A view over Herat.

     POSTCARD 14:  "How to get to Afghanistan"

6 easy steps to touring Afghanistan.

     POSTCARD 13:   "Throneroom of the Mountain Gods"

up the Baltoro glacier and over Gondogoro pass

     POSTCARD 12:   "Cauldron"

Colours, sounds and smells of Rawalpindi!

     POSTCARD 11:   "Floating"

Hot air ballooning over Cappadoccia in Turkey

     POSTCARD 10:  "Azure"

3 days cruising the Mediteranean

       POSTCARD 9:   "Postcard from the End"

Istanbul - where Europe meets Asia

     POSTCARD 8:   "Sunny Weather"

A short break in the sun - Croatia

     POSTCARD 7:   "Shamrock"

The highlight of a visit to Ireland

     POSTCARD 6:   "Postcard from the End"

The end of my cycle trip: 2119km later...

       POSTCARD 5:  "Lucky Shot"

lucky shot I guess - Loch Ness

     POSTCARD 4:   "Goodbye beautiful Wales"

Following a boating canal through near the Brecon Beacons National Park

     POSTCARD 3:  "Wales needs your help!"

The interesting signs I photographed along the way

     POSTCARD 2:  "Wooly Welsh Wales"

Crossing into Wales on day 5

     POSTCARD 1:  "Postcard from the Edge"

Start of my Land's End to John 'O Groats cycle trip

Keep watching for more...